Details and Information


One night a month, during a three hour block, FatCats will host a "Spirit Night" for your elementary school.  Students, faculty and their families are encouraged to participate in a friendly competition amongst "home rooms" to see which class can get the most to attend from their school. Here is how it works:


• FatCats supplies a stack of “vouchers” to the school who then distributes them to the classes. The ticket has a space for total ticket amount (how much was spent) and a space for the home-room teacher's name they are vouching for.

• On the pre-determined night of the month, the students, their families and faculty members go to FatCats to play. Whatever amount they spend, 20% of the total ticket is donated back to the school. (If you forget to bring your voucher, don't worry, FatCats has a stack behind the register for those wanting to participate) 

• FatCats tallies the total amount and cuts a check to the school. 

• The following week or so, FatCats then awards the home-room class with the most participation (most teacher's names submitted - not dollar amount) with a free class bowling party.